About yourself. About others. Learn how to communicate better.


Social interactions are key in any team, network, or organization.

Build a positive team dynamic

Leverage our well-thought out data visualizations to maximize your team productivity. Team members can use KnowUs to optimize internal and external communications by tailoring their emails according to the recipient's personality.

Strengthen your relationships

Strengthen your relationships and build a stronger network by gaining knowledge and insight about yourself as well as the people around you. KnowUs builds that synergy among people that's essential in any social situation.


Use KnowUs as a tool for self-development. Build your personality, learn about your strengths and weaknesses, identify and improve aspects about yourself. Increase your emotional and social intelligence.


Take a look at some of the features offered by our product.

Personality Dashboard

Your personality dashboard shows you a detailed analysis of your personality. Our beautiful data visualizations make it easy for you to interpret and understand yourself.

Email Tone Analysis

Do your emails and messages appear cheerful or assertive to the reader? Find out through our Email Tone Analyzer. This gives information about the impression your words create.

Team Builder

See how well your team members are connecting with each other. Are their interactions social and friendly, are they project-oriented, or could they use improvement in certain areas?

Goal Setter

Coming soon...

Think some aspects of your personality need improvement? Set goals for yourself and use our tracker to watch your emotional quotient grow.

Relationship Progress

Coming soon...

Use WordSuggest to tailor your emails to suit the recipient. View how your relationships have improved over time in the relationship progress DataViz.


We don't store or reveal any of your data. All of your sensitive information is completely encrypted from the moment it leaves your computer up until it is destroyed.


KnowUs explores Enron Emails

  • The Enron corpus is a publicly available data set of email messages sent or received by about 150 senior managers of the Enron corporation. It is one of the largest publicly available collection of real-world email data, and has been widely used for research in social network analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning.

    We used the Personality and Tone Analyzer features in KnowUs to get to know the Enron personalities -from the fraudsters, to whistleblowers, and normal Enron employees. What stories do their emails tell us?

    KnowUs cleverly uncovers the friction in the relationsips between the Executive Board members of the company, which eventually led to its downfall. It provides a high-level company dynamic overview. Had shareholders been aware of these relationship fallouts within the company, would they have chosen to keep investing in the company? Probably not.

Our Amazing Team

The brains behind KnowUs.

Oliver Cox

Logic and Artificial Intelligence

Lory Nunez

Integration and Data

Brendan Dornan

Ideas and Vision

Shruti Appiah

Product & Marketing

Michael Ding

Web Development

Ashley Mitchell

Server Side Development

Anmol Koul

Data Visualizations

Aaron Rank

Data Visualizations

We embarked on this project on a mission to change corporate ecosystems, improve organizational dynamics, and aid people in growing their social intelligence.